Scutari Law: your trusted partner for professional debt collection services in Romania.

Scutari Law is a Romanian debt collection law firm known for its commitment to providing top-tier legal assistance and representation.  Over the years, we have assisted numerous clients from diverse industries in the successful collection of outstanding debts in Romania.

With Scutari Law, your best interests are our paramount concern. We are dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ rights throughout the entire debt collection process.  We actively engage with debtors, creditors, and other stakeholders involved in the debt recovery process.  We work diligently to ensure that all necessary legal actions are taken to recover the owed amounts, including filing lawsuits, obtaining judgments, and pursuing enforcement measures whenever necessary.

At Scutari Law we offer tailored legal solutions,  recognizing the distinctive nature of each case and acknowledging that a one-size-fits-all approach to debt recovery is insufficient.  Drawing upon our extensive expertise, we adopt a proactive approach and adeptly identify the most fitting and efficacious legal strategies, thereby affording you valuable time and resources. Whether through skillful negotiations or vigorous legal proceedings, we employ a strategic approach to maximize the chances of successful debt recovery.

Additionally, at Scutari Law, we strive to minimize the financial costs associated with debt recovery. We diligently work to recover not only the principal amount but also all applicable interest, penalties, and legal fees from the debtor.  Our overarching objective is to maximize the recovery while simultaneously minimizing the expenses of our clients.

When it comes to debt collection, time is of the essence.  Contact Scutari Law today and let us assist you in recovering what is rightfully yours. You can contact us at or call us at +40 755 331 714.

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