Denis Scutari Law Office is organized and operates under Law no. 51/1995 for the organization and practice of the lawyer’s profession, registered with Bucharest Bar (hereinafter referred to as “Scutari Law”).

The website is the property of Scutari Law (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

Website Description

This Website contains general information about the expertise and services provided by Scutari Law.  In addition, the Website contains “news”, “articles”, and “legal guide” in its navigation bar.  Information published in the “news” section focuses mainly on the evolutions in the normative framework applicable at national and European levels, as well as on national and European jurisprudence.

 “Articles” section aims at providing a general overview of various fields of law, but also how the law regulates various fields of activity.

 “Legal guide” covers a set of legal formalities which have to be performed before public authorities for specific operations (for example: company setting up, change of headquarters, etc.).

In addition, users can request a consultation through the Website.  A consultation can be requested in the “Contact” section of the navigation bar. Users must provide their contact details, check the box “request a consultation” and provide a brief description of the legal issue they want to discuss.  After the request is submitted, users will be contacted by Scutari Law in order to set the date and time of the first consultation.  The consultation can be offered by telephone, skype or other means of remote communication.


Scutari Law holds all intellectual property rights over the content of the Website, including, but not limited to, copyright over articles, texts, pictures and designs.

The content of the Website can be accessed by all users.  It is forbidden to copy, transmit, distribute in any form or use in any way the content without a prior written consent of Scutari Law.

The content can only be distributed by accessing “share” buttons available on some of the Website pages (for example, in the “Articles” section).  In this case, the distribution can only be made on social media, which “share” buttons redirect to, but any other form of distribution of the Website content is forbidden.  The distribution on social media shall contain a direct link to the Website where the distributed content is located.  In addition, the distribution shall not create any confusion as to the author of the distributed content.


The Website is designed for general information purposes only.  All information provided by the Website must not be considered as a consultation or legal assistance.  Scutari Law is not responsible for any actions undertaken based on the information provided by the Website.  If users need legal assistance, they can contact Scutari Law directly, using Contact section on the Website.

Scutari Law aims at providing users with accurate, up-to-date and complete information, however we do not guarantee that the information available on the Website, as well as the services provided through the Website are correct, complete and error-free.  Through our consultation services, we provide general information on the legal issue described by the Website user.  For any form of assistance or legal representation, users may contact us directly, in order to conclude a legal assistance agreement.

The Website can contain links to other websites that are not our property.  Scutari Law has no control over these websites and the information presented therein.  Therefore, Scutari Law is not responsible for the content, accuracy of information, security or any other aspect related to these websites.

Personal data processing and cookies

Certain personal data can be processed through the Website.  For more information, please see the Privacy Policy (put a link).

We also use cookies when users access and browse the Website.  For more information, please see our Cookies Policy (a link has to be put).

Final Provisions

Considering the wide variety of actions that could be undertaken in the virtual space, Scutari Law recommends its users to run an antivirus program when browsing the Internet, including when accessing and browsing the Website.  Scutari Law is not responsible for the loss, disruption or damage of your data or device which may occur while you access and browse the Website.

The terms and conditions can be amended or modified occasionally.  We recommend checking the terms and conditions each time users access and browse the Website.  We will mention the date of the last amendment or modification.

Published on October 2nd, 2019.

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